Completion Date:

November, 2030


JG Land & Engine of the North


IDP’s Urban Design and Masterplanning team were appointment by JG Land and Engine of the North to develop a masterplan that enables Macclesfield to grow in a manner that is both sustainable and continues the character of the existing settlement.

The design embraces the need to create a relief road to the south of Macclesfield, but does not allow the highway infrastructure to dominate the development. We have developed a system of urban blocks that follow the rhythms of the existing settlement but bring in more modern features to create a network of walkable, characterful streets.

The masterplan process was particularly complex arising from the numerous land ownerships and resultant land drawdown. The practical side of the masterplan works seamlessly, enabling the developer to deal with the land drawdown with stage payments with different land owners and also the sale of parcels to house builders in a very carefully managed way.

The masterplan also includes an extension of existing sport facilities and retail, comprising a sports pavilion, a supermarket and retail area and enhances an existing ecological and landscape infrastructure around the site to the south, to strengthen both the character of the development and preserve natural green space and ecological resources into the future.

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