Sustainability and Sustainable Development

While sustainable development is just one element of sustainability, it is the aspect we discuss the most at our offices in Coventry.

The United Nations has set an agenda which they want to see delivered by 2030. This describes the 5 Ps of sustainable development: people, prosperity, planet, partnership and peace, and these create a powerful challenge which our architects and urban planners greet with enthusiasm.

While IDP never shies away from the UN’s ambitious targets for sustainability, we nevertheless recognise the way these can be seen to compete with economic development. Our professionals embrace this tension. It provides us with a stimulus that leads to valuable and inspiring discussions in the team and provides us with the inspiration to create environments and structures which are sustainable. We believe that this is an essential value to hold within our business.

Here at IDP we distil this thinking into a commitment to ‘meet our business needs without compromising those of future generations’; and we put this principle into practice every day.

When you choose IDP for your project, you will be engaging a team that incorporates sustainability into all elements of their work, as well as into your designs and processes. IDP always seeks to reduce any negative effects and to bolster the positive impacts of our research and developments.