Kier Living

Project Value:

£150 million


IDP successfully secured this open competition for Kier Living through our vision for a highly vibrant, new community in Hardingstone, Northampton, which has strong links to its context, both physically and socially, yet embodies its own character and sense of place. The design references and interprets the vernacular into a new contemporary, locally responsive and distinctive character.

The masterplan is crafted around high quality public open spaces linked with attractive streetscape which knits into the existing development structure. The landscape strategy for the site seeks to enhance the urban/rural interface by drawing the surrounding landscape into the site through a network of green infrastructure links. This assists in anchoring the site into the surrounding landscape and is key to imparting identity and character to the development. The arrangement of the green corridors are coordinated with key pedestrian and cyclist circulation routes and embrace a network of varied, equipped, informal and natural play areas. A ‘green heart’ is proposed for the centre of the development.

In August 2019  planning consent was received for the first detailed phase of this development.

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