Award-Winning Architects

Our award-winning architecture teams create places that are beautiful to look at, but also to be within; and they work in every way for the people using them. This is the impetus behind our design process and is our vision for every place we create.

We have an outstanding reputation for our work and a professional passion for placemaking that can be seen in all our projects. Our buildings range from the award-winning Forum Health Centre in Coventry, to our competition winning Bristol Street site in Birmingham. We are proud of the contribution these make to their local communities.

Are you looking for architects who examine every brief intelligently and show leadership in the sector? If so, you will appreciate the approach we take at IDP. We collaborate with you to conceive your project in a way that really works. You will find our designs are inspired and result in attractive buildings that also have culture, functionality and feeling at the core. Your project will be enhanced by our architects’ experience of creating stunning designs with the client and the clients’ needs at their heart. 

We provide you with the same professional service wherever you are in the UK, whether you are local to us in Coventry, elsewhere in Warwickshire, or further afield. As architects, we have earned a strong professional reputation, based on our ability to design buildings that are suited to their surroundings and meet our clients’ needs. From contemporary architecture to heritage renovation projects, you can see many examples of our work across Warwickshire and the Midlands and as far afield as Manchester, London and Cambridge. We deploy creativity in our work with commercial developers, schools and universities as well as health providers, community projects and homeowners to develop spaces and residential developments that inspire a sense of neighbourhood and community.

Our management skills and our collaborative approach ensure we keep your costs under control and deliver your property within your budget. We blend innovation with practicality when it comes to complying with planning permission and engineering requirements. Furthermore, we share your drive for energy efficiency and the need for modular design to support smart buildings for a low-carbon economy. Through meeting regularly and taking an in-depth approach to the details, we ensure your property and its internal spaces enhance the lives of people who live, study, work or play within.

Good design has many facets; it’s innovative, useful, has longevity, integrity and above all lifts the human spirit. Our architects honour good design and consider every project as its own, with people, context and place inspiring our outcomes.

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