Barratt David Wilson Homes


The development consists of up to 300 new homes, refurbishment of the historic Kings School main campus building into luxury apartments, and the associated landscape, play, public open space provision and infrastructure. The masterplan and landscape strategy presents our narrative and visioning of the landscape, to recognise and build upon the rich character of the Site and the Silk Mill Town heritage of Macclesfield.

Our design thinking, processes and the formation of placemaking principles have been developed and applied to work alongside the site’s unique attributes, in line with Cheshire East’s Design Guide and Local Plan.

A principle aim of the landscape strategy is to create a community that retains and enhances a strong relationship to its setting and meaningful connections with the landscape. Central to this vision is the integration of the existing landscape features and topography, with new high-quality green spaces permeating through the development. The masterplan focuses around a Central Green Street linking the town centre route through to the site’s main play area and the canal beyond. Street trees line the loop road, with pocket parks and community gardens forming part of the amenity provision. The landscape proposals will reflect varied character areas based upon the above with a transition from a more rural edge to a formal core.