Albert Embankment, London

Completion Date:

November, 2019


Triumph Motorcycles

Project Value:



A part of IDP’s ongoing design and consultancy services provided to Triumph Motorcycles, the London showroom was conceived as a flagship store, offering a responsive collection of refined spaces in the heart of the nation’s capital. The ambition to create a customer-facing workshop environment, an area for exhibition and public events and a lounge-like social space while maintaining the use as an operational, profit-turning showroom during the majority of the year provided no small challenge.

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Set within a converted railway arch, the unique site required a fully managed planning process made complex by both facades facing distinct conservation areas. Coordinating at length with the local authority allowed the scheme to progress following IDP achieving an approval with no pre-construction conditions and successfully securing the client’s requirement for dedicated motorcycle parking and flexible service delivery arrangements.

The long, tunnel-like constraints of the railway arch led to two equally important entrances to consider and reoccurring spatial challenges throughout the showroom, with IDP successfully realising a coherent characterful progression through a floorplate seven metres wide but fifty metres long. This was helped, in part, with the commission including scope to design bespoke fixed furniture, wall graphics and feature floor finishes.

The traditional London stock yellow brickwork, discoloured due to years of local industrial activity, has been retained and showcased as a primary feature with spotlights casting deep shadows that convey the atmospheric texture of the arch’s heritage. Limited fixings were permitted due to the landlord’s stipulations so an innovative array of custom freestanding structural supports are included that follow the changing profile of the arch’s soffit.

Triumph London has been a hugely enjoyable project and IDP has found both the client and main contractor to be exemplary in their approach to creating an outstanding space that will serve the premium bike lovers of central London.