Completion Date:

May, 2020


Galliford Try


The  Clockworks development seeks to become a catalyst for regeneration in a strategically important area on the periphery of Manchester City-Centre, that has suffered from a lack of investment for some time. This gateway scheme consists of 110 apartments for the private rented sector, responding to the Manchester Residential Growth Strategy and the need to deliver 25,000 new homes over the next 10 years, creating a high quality development is critical to the future of the area and its residents. Design proposals aim to create a scheme that responds to the city’s distinctive style, embracing modern materials to create a local identity and a sense of place. Located adjacent to a busy arterial route in and out of the city, the scheme is devised as a courtyard with massing from four to six storeys with communal parking and gardens addressing the domestic scale of the adjacent properties. 100% cycle parking ratios, reduced car parking space and communal amenity space exceeding minimum standards encourage a healthier way of living. Contemporary in appearance and sustainable in use, the Clockworks development signals a clear intent for residential development in Manchester.

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