IDP is now Carbon Neutral

28th June 2023

IDP recognises the impact of carbon emissions on the built environment.  So, as well as incorporating energy saving features into our designs, we have been working with Carbon Neutral Britain, to measure and offset our own business’s carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.

We first worked with Carbon Neutral Britain’s Environmental team to calculate our business’s carbon footprint.  Now we are working with them to offset our carbon emissions by funding various projects around the world that will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  These projects include reforestation, woodland management, hydroelectric and solar power schemes – even a rice husk power project in Cambodia that uses rice husk as a biomass fuel for electricity generation.

Steve O’Neill, Managing Director of IDP said: “As an environmentally responsible business, we have an obligation to measure and monitor our own carbon footprint and do what we can to make the world a better place.”

Founded in 2020, projects run by Carbon Neutral Britain have already offset over 500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and over three million trees have been planted on behalf of its clients.  These activities will help to stop climate change and provide essential forest habitats for endangered wildlife.  Current projects include mangrove and Kijabe reforestation in Kenya; Marston Vale forest creation in England; biodiversity and reforestation in Costa Rica; Guatemala’s first wind project.