Working with Triumph Motorcycles - 'The Brief'

2nd November 2020

Working with Triumph offers great opportunity as both architectural and interior designers, as each scheme presents a series of new and familiar challenges to be balanced in fulfilling the client brief and maximising a showroom’s potential. With each project IDP has the aspiration and experience to simultaneously develop a congruous product, with a clear brand identity and a bespoke design tailored to the showroom client. This is an exciting aspect of working with such a distinguished brand; the integration of a prominent identity with the individuality of each dealer.

An integral objective of any brand is a consistent application of logos, colour schemes, graphical representation, and finishes, all of which contribute towards instantaneous recognition. These criteria must be completed without missing opportunities that could afford the proposal better design considerations including access arrangements, spatial aspects, lighting, directional clarity, overall unity or emphasis on feature elements. Once the aforementioned principles are each considered in detail, the existing constraints can be fully explored, culminating in the best-informed proposal.

These ingredients are ascertained with a site visit and meeting with the showroom staff, to enable understanding of how the client’s existing showroom operates, arrangements they wish to improve, and aspirations for the proposal. The meeting between the three parties; IDP, Triumph and the showroom client covers project ambitions, opportunities and constraints and can be supported with examples of IDP’s previous schemes and extracts from branding guidelines to advise on possibilities. With each project there are a defined number of principles that act as a starting point, such as the Triumph badge signage, elements of furniture, and the representation of bikes on the shop floor for example. We also actively seek integrating original features from an early stage, ensuring that Triumph and the client are included every step of the way in the iterative development of sketches, visualisations, material concepts and similar precedents. In this way, each new client is at the forefront of the evolving Triumph name, directed, in part, by our team at IDP.

With each site, we are constantly pushing boundaries of what can be achieved within the brand identity, in some cases developing custom graphics, adapting existing artwork or accentuating particular brand elements such as the chevron. Completed in close coordination with the team at Triumph, most showroom operators eagerly agree to have an individually tailored architectural aspect to their site creating their own unique sense of place.