UHL Vascular Hybrid Theatre


Glenfield Hospital, Leicester

Completion Date:

May, 2017


University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, UK

Project Value:

4.8 million

IDP were engaged by University Hospitals of Leicester to help develop the FBC for the provision of a new build ‘Hybrid ‘Theatre’ to help support the transfer of the Vascular surgical specialty from the Royal Infirmary to the Glenfield Hospital site 3 miles away.

IDP completed a number of commissions on the project, initially with the coordination and delivery of the FBC to approval and then delivering the role of Informed Client, Project Manager during construction, technical commissioning and then final operational commissioning.

IDP Worked with key strategic and clinical stakeholders to ensure the design solution delivered both strategic requirements (as part of a wider estates strategy) and clinical requirements to help support further clinical development – enabling vascular services to maintain level 1 specialist status.

This project was also part of the first wave of enabling projects to further develop the whole UHL estate. A key challenge of this was to coordinate and deliver the project within an agreed timeframe to allow further sequential capital developments.

The design solution had the challenge of connecting a new build theatre extension to an existing theatre department whilst maintaining full operational activity.

IDP worked closely with all stakeholders and construction teams to develop a number of measures to ensure separation of construction and clinical work.

We were involved with the project from OBC and FBC stage to project completion which afforded the benefit of resource continuity and a consistent presence.

This was complemented through regular and open communication links with the adjacent clinical departments, allowing mitigation plans to be developed with ease.

As the informed client we also coordinated the procurement process to fully equip the Hybrid Theatre with both group 1 Siemens radiology equipment as well as the group 2 and 3 items.

Managing this major capital investment of £4.8m was delivered through a period of challenging capital budgets including the government’s comprehensive spending review and restricted capital allocations and cash-flow at UHL.

This required our team to ensure that there was no project creep, with associated capital cost, and that the scheme was delivered within the allocated capital allocation.

The final design is adaptable for the future, it combines an operating theatre with an interventional radiology suite. Enabling it to function flexibly as either a conventional operating theatre, or as a radiology facility, but crucially allows intra- and post-operative on-table imaging. This will allow future ‘one stop’ procedures for a number of clinical specialties.